Friday, 1 July 2011

Sore Neck?

Well I have got this blog bug real bad, so i am now suffering for my art and my neck and back started to seize up from sitting in such a bad position.

So a friend of mine, Steve, recommended a masseuse (as mine was busy!!!! hello it is low season), Manee Lanta (Klong Dao beach, just off main road near the Flintstones restaurant). Beautiful place and the staff speak good english and more importantly know what they are doing. This lady actually teaches here and in Bangkok.

So how was the massage? Wow it hurt! but it was good, at one point i thought she was going to kill me with some maneouvre she did with my neck. Her hands are like steal! I am told they adjust the massage to the pressure you prefer, but I was trying to be brave! But most importantly it worked and everything moves as it should now!

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