Saturday, 10 September 2011

I have been real lucky!

So if you are a regular reader of this blog, you'll know that I have been writing really often, except for the last 6 weeks. Unfortunately for me 6 weeks ago I had a large motorbike accident.

Luckily for me, the locals on Koh Lanta are rather special and Kev (one of our Instructors) went with me to the  hospital in Phuket, Geddis (my beloved business partner) put the necessary cash down and everyone else, sent me messages of support, came to see me, gifts and their love. The police (despite what you may have heard about them abroad) have been incredible, helping me get the insurance money necessary to pay my hospital bills.

My guys got me to a fantastic hospital in Phuket, where 5 metal parts were put in my face, one in my collar bone and one in my wrist. The surgeons were excellent and I have been lucky and am well on the way to recovery.

As a result of my facial injuries I have not been able to eat normal food (the jaw was wired shut for 4 weeks and can only open a little now) so i am tremendously grateful for my friends:

Kev - Who made me some yummy spaghetti bolognese

Joyce (Red Snapper) - For introducing me to yummy Dutch baby food

Daniel (The Tavern) - For just the best Sausages and Mash, eaten whilst watching England win the Rugby ;-)

Will (Ling Uan) - For some excellent, slightly alcoholic shakes

Baan Bakery - For shakes, omelets and more all done for the people who cannot chew!

Cheeky Monkey - Adapted Thai soups and a delicious beer or two!

Drunken Sailor - Yummy Carrot Cake

There are more people to thank and I have not forgotten them xxx

So if one good thing can come from my accident, let it be this....... WEAR A HELMET ...... preferably a full face one (which would have prevented the majority of my injuries)

Big thanks to all my wonderful staff (especially Ben and his beautiful son Anda) Britt and Karin from White Rock Resort (for the mouthwash) and the wonderful Gin for just keeping it all together whilst i was gone.

This is a truly lovely lovely island

Mellisa xxx