Thursday, 30 June 2011

Restaurant/Bar of the Week

So it is low season and the island is real quiet. But on Koh Lanta there is always a good night out somewhere. So over low season i am going to introduce you to some of the great bar and restaurants still open on the island. In low season there are still quite a few people here but they all tend to hang out together.
Ling Uan (Fat Monkey) is run by Ning and Will (who the bar was named after) and is one of the best places to go during low season, as the staff are friendly and the food and drinks great. Will is an fully trained Cocktail barman, so the drinks are allways great here (I especially recommend the Mojitos!) You can sit at the bar or have a quiet table in the restaurant and enjoy their fantastic burgers, yummy pasta and great tasting Thai food.

Ling Uan is located on the main road, halfway along Klong Dao Beach (just past 7/11) and open most days except Sunday (Sorry just been told that has changed, they are now shut on Tuesdays).