Friday, 22 July 2011

The day we dread!

Whilst sitting in the bar on Wednesday night, I hear the words I have learned to dread, "no electricity all day tomorrow!" Of course I had just given all the diving work to Ben and that meant I had planned a day in my air conditioned office doing lots of computer work.
A roundabout - Old Town Style

With that day ruined, I decided to take the opportunity to complete my reviews of shops, restaurants and bars by heading South. The east coast road down to Old town is beautiful with its small Thai villages unspoilt by tourism and the green landscape rolling down to the mangroves. I passed what seemed like a whole village of people helping with the packing of the fresh water shrimps for market and a Bird singing competition!

On arriving in Old Town (the original capital of Lanta) I felt that it reminded me of the Wild West (well minus the guns, Indians and cowboys) as the whole town is pretty much made of wood. This side of the island has much less tourism than the West but it really is worth a visit because it is full of charm. Most of the restaurants have pier stretching out over the Mangroves and looking out onto the islands south of Lanta, my favourite being Beautifull Restaurant (yes that is how they spell it) which has great food and friendly staff who do not mind you sitting down the far end of the pier.

After Old Town I headed further south and discovered the Sea Gypsy's Cemetery after I spotted a notice on the side of the road. I love that these people believe that their ancestors like to live near the sea because they like to listen to the sound of the waves (maybe there is a little Sea Gypsy in me!).

View from the Sea Gypsy Cemetery - Their ancestors like to hear the sound of the waves!

As I reached the end of the east road I discovered a new road (or one to me) that lead to Terminal Point, or Sang Kha U Resort, which is a crazy little resort, with its own beach and the only treetop bungalows in Lanta.

After a quick stop at Khao Yai Restaurant at the top of Lanta mountain I headed over to Kantiang Bay, the first real place I called home in Lanta. This is a really sweet village, with loads of charm and every time I go here I seem to have real trouble leaving!

The primary problem is Drunken Sailors, where I always get a friendly welcome from the owner May and her boyfriend, Tad, and where, when I lived in Kantiang, I spent a ridiculous amount of time. What with the great shakes, the banana pancakes with chocolate sauce and the Wifi, I simply could not find the energy to leave! Thursday was much the same, minus the Wifi, but with a fabulous brunch of Egg Pan, great company (Kevin, Nin and Sarah) and Tad telling tales of gasing men! (we later found out he is not a Nazis, merely trying to exterminate some termites!).
A New Addition to Drunken Sailors, Drunken Tailors

When I finally managed to leave Drunken Sailors, I head further South to Noon bar, a recommendation by Sarah, which had stunning views over the Bay, before heading back to the office.

Never has a day without electricity been so good! Thanks for Sarah, Kevin and Nin for the company, the crazy guy at Sang Kha U, for well, being kinda weird and May and Tad for the scrumptious food.

Maybe I wont wait so long before going back again x

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